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Our bra fitting guide will help you to find your correct bra size. We will show you how to fit a bra on yourself and how to determine the correct size as if we were there with you. If it still doesn't feel quite right then please call us for advice on 1300 4 BRAVA.


Putting your bra on

Before we show you how to find your correct bra size, you first need to put your bra on correctly. Not putting your bra on correctly is like putting your shoes on the wrong feet and wondering why it's uncomfortable.
  • Lean forward so your breasts fall naturally into the cup.
  • Now place your straps over your shoulders.
  • Always do the back up on the loosest hook.
  • Lean forward and jiggle to ensure your whole bust is in.
  • Adjust your shoulder straps so they are taut, but not too tight.
  • Separate your bust so the middle wires sit on your chestbone.
  • Smooth over the cups and look in the mirror.
  • You should feel very comfortable and supported.

Correct Band Fitting:

The band sits horizontal around your body.

The band should sit flat.

Fitter's Tips:

The back band of your bra should fit snug against your skin, so it does not ride up your back.

The band should be in a horizontal position right around your body.


You should always fit your bra on the loosest hook.


If you drop your shoulder straps, your back band should not move.


If your band is too big then go down one band size. But remember, the cup size reduces with the band so you will need to increase the cup size by atleast one cup
i.e. 14D to 12DD.

Wrong Band Fitting:

The band should stay firm and not ride up.

When you lift your arms, the band should not lift.


Correct Cup Fitting:

The cup should fully encase your breasts.

The wire should sit behind your breasts.

Fitter's Tips:

Your breasts should be fully encased by the bra.


There should be no bulging from the top of the cups or under your arms. The wire should sit behind your bust.


The wires in the middle need to sit flat against your ribcage and against your chestbone at the centre. Wires should not sit anywhere on your breast tissue.


If your cup is too small, then increase your cup by atleast one size. In our experience you will need to increase by 3 cups and reduce your back size by one
i.e. 12D to 10E.

Wrong Cup Fitting:

No part should cut into your breast tissue.

This wire is sitting too close to the breast tissue.


Correct Strap Fitting:

Shoulder straps should be taut but comfortable.

Fitter's Tips:

Your shoulder straps should be taut, but not so tight that they leave red marks on your shoulders.


The weight of your bust should be supported mainly by the back strap and the cups, not the shoulder straps.


As long as your back band is firm enough then this should take some strain off your shoulders.

Wrong Strap Fitting:

When the backband is too big, it creates back fat.


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