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Anita Active sports bras have outstanding functionality in comparison to standard sport bras, and are made of breathable and temperature-regulating fabrics which guarantee the skin remains dry. The high-performance sports bras support, shape and encompass the breast so well that it remains stable even when doing strenuous exercise, which is particularly important for women with larger busts. 

Anita Active

Sizes: 8-20 & D-FF

Price Range: $94.95 - $119.95

An Anita sports bra, with its high-function design, reliably supports, shapes and encompasses the bust so that movement and uncomfortable 'pulling' is minimised. These functional features are especially important for larger bust sizes. Unfortunately many women are unaware of how important it is not to wear just any bra when doing sport. Only 15 per cent of women currently wear a suitable bra specially designed for sports activities. Comprehensive preliminary tests guarantee an excellent fit and optimum support for all sporting activities, even in the larger cup sizes.

The sports scientist Dr Joanna Scurr from the University of Portsmouth, UK, discovered that a supporting sports bra prevents 'bouncing', and therefore stretching, of the sensitive breast tissue by 74 per cent, while a normal bra only compensates by 38 per cent.

For such sports with a medium intensity of movement (such as dance or aerobics), the bust requires much more support - provided ideally by Anita Firm Support sports bras. Seamless cups and wide, supporting straps provide firm support for larger busts and soft connective tissue, ensuring maximum comfort.

The sports bras in the Maximum Support section offer extremely firm support to women with a large cup size, soft connective tissue or those who prefer high-intensity sports. When jogging, riding or playing tennis in an Anita sports bra, you can be sure that there is only the minimum of movement for your bust. Functional details such as ergonomically-designed support straps and a special cup styling ensure stability and a perfect fit.

Anita active sports bras are divided into three categories to meet varying support requirements. Women with larger busts, or requiring a higher level of support for a higher-intensity sport should select a firm support bra.

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